Employee Training & Learning Management Program

Unsupervised learning and training records management via online agreement or testing

Configurable employee and supervisor email notifications for outstanding or overdue training events

Tool for batch updating and managing training requirements

Group Training feature to optimize training record updates

Easily manageable training plans, schedules, courses and on the job training needs

Flexible training costs and training cost reporting

Inter-site option to assign training needs across different facilities (sites) in one company

Complete Record History on Jobs, Personnel profiles, Training records, etc.

Configurable views, filters, User Dashboard and the option to Export all data from PeopleQuest to Excel

Training Records Search Filters for records based on Departments, Job titles, Personnel, Target or Completion dates, Statuses and many others

Competence and qualification criteria to define training needs across the organization

Online system for measuring training effectiveness (ISO 9001 requirement) on documents

Automated training needs for primary and secondary job assignments set through Personnel Profiles

Training attendance sign in sheets linked to individual personal training records

Integration with DocuQuest for up-to-speed document training and automated re-training triggered by document revisions or predefined re-training schedules

PeopleQuest is integrated with the rest of the ISOQuest products

Document Control Management

Personnel Training Program

NCR and CAPA Management

Customer & Supplier Management

Audit Management

Gage Calibration and Gage R&R


Continuous Improvement

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