Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Software System

Problem Reporting and Resolution - simple and effective CAPA Management System.
Reduce the administrative cycle time from Report Initiation to Effective Closure

Problem Direct Costs to monitor the Costs of Poor Quality from Problem Initiation to Closure

Export of Problem costs to Excel, Problem report and Resolution printing

Running time clock per each Problem to monitor the time between Report Initiation and Effective Closure

Resolution Approval and Advanced Workflows

Discussion Boards for blog or forum style communication between responsible personnel and subject matter experts

Extract data in a pre-defined Excel form for easier distribution

Advanced Search, various filters, views and user Dashboard facilitate the end user navigation

Email notifications and Reminder mails sent to all applicable shareholders

Resolution Types such as Containment and Counter measures, Internal Corrective Action, Supplier Portal - Supplier CARs and cost of quality data capture via Debit and Credit Notes, etc.

Advanced Cause option for root cause analysis of Why Made and Why Shipped

Attach media (pictures, videos, etc.) to better communicate problem descriptions

Customizable Disposition Report feature to track costs of scrap, repair, re-work, etc.

PRRQuest Knowledge Base to assist in Root Cause Analysis and prevent implementation of ineffective Corrective actions

Effective “tasking” of the organization when working on problem resolution - Generic Tasks, Counter Measures, Cause Verification Activities (CVA), Cause Elimination Activities (CEA)

Problem Types such as Internal, Customer, Supplier, Non-product, Potential, etc. to also involve Customers and Suppliers in Problem Reporting and Resolution

PRRQuest is integrated with the rest of the ISOQuest products

Document Control Management

Personnel Training Program

NCR and CAPA Management

Customer & Supplier Management

Audit Management

Gage Calibration and Gage R&R


Continuous Improvement

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